Sunday, December 6, 2009


For Thanksgiving, Zack and I were with my family.  We were celebrating with the Galbraith side and all got together at my Uncle Jim and Aunt Dixie's home in beautiful Midway!  They have lived there for 2 years now and it was fun to get together with many cousins I haven't seen in a long time.  We had a lot of fun visiting and eating and stuffing ourselves silly!

This year I actually contributed to the feast!   My Mom asked what I wanted to bring to dinner and I remember that I canned a bunch of peach pie filling a few months ago, so it was the perfect occasion to use it!  It turned out delicious if I do say so myself!  The only picture I took on Thanksgiving is of me and the pie to show off my mad skills, so here it is:

During the break, I went shopping for Black Friday.  I had never before gotten up and been at the store opening on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  This year was different.  The gift I wanted was SUPER on sale and I didn't know if I would get one if I went in later.  So, I braved the crowds and went.  The place I was going opened at 6am so it wasn't too bad.  I woke up at 5:45, put clothes on, grabbed car keys, and off I went!  I got to the store right in time, grabbed the goods and was out of there by 6:16am.  I was pretty proud!  Since it is my present from my Mom and Dad I decided since I know what is is, somebody should be surprised- so I haven't and will not tell anyone what it is till Christmas!  I'm pretty excited for it :)

Another thing my family loves to do during breaks is go to see movies.  This year we chose to go and see The Blind Side.  All I can say is that you have to go see it!   I LOVED it so so much.  It was one of those good feeling, happy family, movies!  I highly recommend it! 

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Elizabeth said...

We are definitely planning on watching this after yours and Zack's recommendation.