Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Westlake High School

Today I got a GREAT phone call!  I applied a little while ago to work at Westlake High school.  I interviewed last week and I felt very good about it- wouldn't change a thing!  Today they called to let me know that they would like me to teach there next year!  I told them YES :)

Here is some more info. on the job:
-I will be teaching Clothing 1&2, Foods 1&2, and Interior Design
-This school is BRAND NEW.  This school year is its first.  Which means ALL new labs and sewing machines :)
-High School (grades 10-12)
-Alpine School District
-The only downside is that it is a little far away (it is in Saratoga Springs) but it will be WELL worth the commute!

I can't wait!!  Go Thunder!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Arrgh Matey!

A friend of mine emailed this picture to me a few days ago and it was just to good to not post!  A few months ago my friend Anna had a 'girls only' birthday dinner.  A bunch of us got together to eat at Pirate O's.  It was a little overpriced but fun company and a great atmosphere.  We had fun being kids again with our pirate hats and playing arcade games when it was over.  I blew all my money on a bunch of fruities :)  Thanks for having us Anna!  It was a great night!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend was busy but fun!  Friday night we went out to dinner with my cousins!  We went to eat at India Palace.  A great little indian place on center street in Provo.  It was delicious and we had a great time!  After eating we watched Avatar.  Zack and I STILL hadn't seen it (because lets be honest, on face value alone- it looks so stupid!).  Zack really liked it, I thought it was ok.  I liked it but I would never feel the need to sit down again to a movie that is 2 hrs. and 45 min!  It was a fun night. 

Saturday my whole family got together for a 'farewell' meal to say goodbye to Ryan and Becky.  They will be moving to Colorado next weekend and we are really going to miss them!!  We ate at Bonsai Grill in Sandy.  I had never been there before but it was so good!  Zack loved it of course because it was Japanese food.  

Sunday was my niece Alison's blessing.  It was fun to be with the family for two days in a row! 

Monday, April 19, 2010

You can call me President

because I have just been called as the Relief Society President of my ward!  It is a little humbling and overwhelming but I am also really excited to be more involved in my ward and with the sisters in it.  I remember being newly-married (yes, I realize I STILL am newly married, but compared to some of these 3 month couples in our ward, I'm a veteran!) and feeling like you all the suddent had no friends except for your husband and the transistion was a little difficult.  How do I make friends with married people?  Uh...can we have your number?  There is an episode of King of Queens where Doug and Carrie hang out at Home Depot by the paint to make cool new married friends...and I completely identify!  It is a different time and I hope that while I'm President that I can make friends with all the girls and that I can help foster activities and other things where they can meet other girls too!  It will be a lot of work with a ward that changes over people every 4 months- but I know I can do it with the help of my great Bishop, awesome counselors/secretary, and of course my Savior.  Wish me luck!  And comments, suggestions or ideas will be appreciated!

In other news....Zack has his last final tomorrow and he is home free from school until August!  We are really excited for that.  He will take the MCAT on Thursday May 27th and my last day of school is May 28th, then we are off to St. George for Memorial Day weekend!  I only have 6 more weeks of school :)  Technically 5 since the last week is full of short days and 7 Peaks!  I am probably more excited than the students are!  Otherwise we are just having a grand old time and are loving this warm weather!  

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Guess who came to visit!

That's right- the Easter Bunny!! 
Emily got lots of jelly beans, candy, gummi bears and of course a chocolate bunny!
Zack got sour patch kids, beef jerky, mixed nuts and a pack of 'plackers' to floss when he's at school!  He loves flossing so much!  Ha ha.

On Friday night we dyed Easter Eggs with the Phillips!  We had a fun time wrapping them in tape to come up with cool patterns and designs. 

The rest of the weekend we have enjoyed relaxing at home listening to the messages of our prophets.  We have heard lots of great messages about our Savior and his atonement.  Its been a great weekend!