Monday, June 11, 2012

The old, the new, the crazy

Yes...we're still here!! Since Zack has finished school for the summer we've just been pretty boring in a great way. We have had lots of days where we stay in our pajama's all day and eat popsicles and watch episodes of our favorite TV shows.  With all of that going on I didn't feel like I had a whole lot to blog about.  I certainly wasn't going to take a picture of me still in my pajamas with no makeup at 4pm and put that up on the blog!  So that is the old.

The new is that we've moved into our new apartment!  Ever since we decided to move Zack and I have been dreading this day. Moving is such a pain!! We had lots of help and were able to get it done pretty fast!  We love our new apartment and things are slowly coming along. We have the kitchen, front room and Elise's room all unpacked.  While that sounds like most of it is done we still have our "crap room" filled with all of the random things that don't really have an assigned place. It will take a while before everything is settled the way that I like it.  But we love living by our ward members and friends and living across the street from the park :)

Here's the crazy part: for weeks now I've been telling everyone that Zack leaves for Peru on June 13th.  Well, last night Zack finally looked at his flight itinerary and apparently he gets into Peru on the 13th.....meaning that he leaves TOMORROW morning!!  So we have today to get him all packed and ready for his month long adventure and then get up bring and early to take him to the Chicago airport tomorrow.  

That's all for now!  When our place looks a little more put together, I'll make sure to take some pictures and share them with everyone. I'm absolutely loving having a dishwasher, air conditioning, a 3rd bedroom and a huge kichen!