Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Silver Lake

The Saturday after we arrived in Utah we went on a walk around Silver Lake with my dad.  My mom offered to stay home and take care of James while the three of us went.  I think Elise really enjoyed all the attention from both of us and had a great time exploring and walking on all of the "bridges". 
Walking with Grandpa
He made sure to stop and help her look for all the fishes in the water.
It was a gorgeous night!  I sure miss these mountains!

Not the greatest light, but proof that I was there too :)
Elise and Grandpa, or as she says, "Prampa".
We had a great time!  We love you Grandpa and are glad we got to spend some time with you in Utah!  We know how busy you are with work and being Bishop too!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Enderis Splash Pad

As I've mentioned, we live across the street from the park.  There are many great things about this but one of them is that we are in walking distance to a fun splash pad! It isn't open for very many weeks in the summer but we still had a blast when we went!

 Elise would make a buddy every time we'd go and would follow them around and copy what they would do.  She's so funny! The other kids were fascinated with this drain, so of course, she was too.
 Elise loves the water!! 
 Having fun running under the "rain"!
 It's already closed for the season
 but I imagine that when James is 1 next year we'll spend many more summer afternoons here!

Wisconsin State Fair

After living her for two years we finally made it out the the Wisconsin state fair last Friday!!  The fair is a really big deal around here so we were happy that we were finally able to go and see what all the fuss was about!

First things first, we had to get ourselves a cream puff!  These things are delicious and about the size of my face. We got one and shared it between four of us and that was plenty!
Our friend, Hemal, was able to come with us too! Here we are in front of the cream puff building.  Inside they show you the step by step process of how they are made.
Me taking the first bite!  Yum!
Elise's face says it all :)
Elise's favorite thing at the fair was seeing all of the animals!!  She has always loved animals but has been super into farm animals lately, so this was perfect for her!
Checking out the chickens with Daddy!
Prize winning cows!
Kissing the goats!
All this farm business has spurred many rounds of singing "Old MacDonald" over and over and over again.  But it's pretty worth it to hear her sing "E-I-E-I-O".
Back to the food....some other delicious things that we tried were:
This yummy bowl of a french fry/potato chip twist topped with cheese and bacon!!  So good!
Delicious butter dipped corn on the cob!
And we finished the night off with a chocolate covered bananas with sprinkles and nuts.
They also had a bunch of fun rides to go on, and shows with the animals but most of all we had a great time getting out of the house, eating and people watching.  It was a great night and we are so glad we finally made it out!  Until next year!!