Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Silver Lake

The Saturday after we arrived in Utah we went on a walk around Silver Lake with my dad.  My mom offered to stay home and take care of James while the three of us went.  I think Elise really enjoyed all the attention from both of us and had a great time exploring and walking on all of the "bridges". 
Walking with Grandpa
He made sure to stop and help her look for all the fishes in the water.
It was a gorgeous night!  I sure miss these mountains!

Not the greatest light, but proof that I was there too :)
Elise and Grandpa, or as she says, "Prampa".
We had a great time!  We love you Grandpa and are glad we got to spend some time with you in Utah!  We know how busy you are with work and being Bishop too!


emily said...

looks like a perfect daddy-daughter and grandpa/granddaughter date. :)

Nicole said...

Oh cute! I didn't see these pics yet.