Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our life in the Orient

First off, I just want to start out by saying, WE HAVE INTERNET!!!!! Woo!!!!!!!! Today is the first day we have had it in our apartment which means that we no longer have to risk our lungs to cancer. The internet cafe's here consist of Chinese gamers that smoke 2 packs in the 2 hours they are there. Gross.

We landed here last Thursday morning and have been going ever since. We live in the Jing An district in Shanghai just North of the Jing An Temple. Go ahead and google image a picture of it if you like! Our apartment was built in the 1930's so it has an old China feel to it. It is many different levels with the same wood floor as it had when it was built im sure. We also have a cat named Spice. The man who is letting us stay in his apartment has Spice to kill mice and we haven't seen any so far, so good job Spice!

So far, we have toured the area (by foot!), saw the Pearl of the Orient, walked around the Bund, ridden in many taxis and safely made it to our destination, not been killed crossing the street, eaten REAL Chinese food and enjoyed it, found every American fast food restaurant within a mile radius and ate there, been stared at by every Chinese man, given food to the poor, and survived jet lag. It was a beast!

Zack started his job at the hospital on Monday. He is interning at Shanghai United Hospital. Right now they have him doing administration which doesn't help him at all, but he is enjoying working with the people there. He has been given assignments to visit other doctors so that is promising and he is excited about it.

I (Emily) have successfully wandered Shanghai alone and managed to not get lost and pass the time. Much thanks to my ipod and the movies and office episodes on it. I will teach English to kingdergarten kids but it doesn't start until June first. I do go in to do a 'demo' for them on Thursday though, so I hope it goes well!

We are doing well. Church is my new favorite thing. I am positive that Shanghai has the COOLEST branch in the world. Everyone is so funny, nice, and friendly. We went to a branch party on Saturday where we met many people from all over and some that I happened to go to the same elementary school with. Small world! Not to be all churchy on you but I really am so grateful to know that when I go far away to places like this, that I always have the church to rely on and that people in it are there to help me. It has really helped me to settle in.

Here are a few of the pictures of our adventure so far!

Zack and I at the Bund. Which is basically the boardwalk along the Pu River.

Me with the symbol of the World Expo. It is coming to Shanghai in 2010 and basically the little guy is everywhere, and the entire city is under construction for it. It is NUTS!

Zack and I at Bali Park, right across from the temple. About 10 min. from our house.

Thank you Korean Air for getting us here safely!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Yesterday was a big pay day. I graduated from Utah State! I started with the big commencement that started at 9:30. I met on the Quad at 8:30 to assemble for our 'commmemorative walk on the quad'. We started to walk at 9am from the Quad to the Spectrum. Once everyone was seated we had our speech by Senator Bob Bennett. He gave a great talk and it was short and sweet. The Valedictorian then addressed us and it was a girl I went to high school with! I thought it was pretty funny. She did a great job.

After that my parents, Zack, and I went to lunch at one of my favorite spots in Logan, Old Grist Mill! While we were there, Zack's parents Linda and Evan joined us. We filled them in on the first commencement and then headed over to the Kent Concert Hall for my College's graduation. I am in the College of Agricultur and proud of it!

I thought my college graduation was a lot of fun! The speakers were great, and we even had a quote from Kung Fu Panda! When it was over, we had some refreshments of cake and of course Aggie Ice Cream! It we delicious and the perfect way to end the day. When we went outside, the rain had finally stopped for a bit and we got some great pictures.

I still feel like it didn't happen! I am sure come this fall when I don't go back to school as a student it will hit me. I'm going to miss it, and it was a great 5 years. I'll always be an Aggie in my heart!

My FAVORITE Professor at Utah State and the reason I graduated. Me and Julie Wheeler.

All the girls in my major. Go FACS!!

Me and my Hottie Hubby on the A!! I finally got him there!!

Accepting the Diploma. I did it!!!!