Friday, June 26, 2009

Something to Celebrate!!

Today marks our 6 month Anniversary!! To those of you who have been married many many years, I know that 6 months is nothing but I am so happy to now be able to say 6 months! It is a much more respectable number to tell people when they ask how long you have been married!!

If you would have told me on our wedding day that we would be spending our summer in China, I probably would have doubted you! Zack, I love you and we have already had some amazing adventures in our life together. I can't wait for the rest!! Happy Anniversary!

Side note: Zack and I want to make either our six month (6/27 or our engagement anniversary 7/12 our 'anniversary' because we figure that December 27th will probably always be a very busy time in our lives but we want to make sure we still get a great anniversary out of it. Plus we always did want a summer wedding. What do you say, can we do that? Is that allowed? Ha ha.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


That is the name of the cat we have the pleasure of living with here in Shanghai. Spice belongs to the owners of the apt, and stays at here to catch mice. WE would have really liked having a cat here if she was nice and fun. All I want is for her to be friendly and sit by me on the couch and let me pet her. I don't think that is too much to ask!

Weeknights here we don't do a whole lot, so we end up torturing Spice or vice versa. We will just try to pet her and she ends up hissing at us and running away. We just can't let that happen so we run after her with pillows to guard ourselves from her scratches and the battle begins. Zack likes it the most. It is hard for him to not give that cat a hard time. For all of you cat people, I really hope yo have a nice one and not a cat like Spice.

When we get home, we can show you all of our scars on our arms and hands courtesy of our very own Spice.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We've Missed You

Well, we have been blocked from Blogger for awhile there. I can't be sure why China decided to block it but they sure did! Fortunately I met some people here who have ways to get around it so here I am. I was so happy to be able to get on and catch up on what all of you have been up to!

I would LOVE to post all about our adventures here and what we have done, but even though I can post it won't let me post any pictures! Lets be honest, blogs just aren't fun without pictures! So I just wanted to explain my lack of posting lately and while there probably won't be many more to come for the next little bit!

But we love to hear about you and what you are doing! If we figure out how to get pictures we definitely will post! But we are doing well and just got back from a trip to Beijing! We saw the Great Wall of China, all the Olympic venues like the Water Cube and the Bird's Nest, and got to see the Summer Palace and also the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square! Wow it was so amazing and we had a great time. This weekend we are off to Hangzhou! See you soon!