Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Five!

-Zack has been studying round the clock for the past two weeks for three big exams this week!  As we speak (or I guess, read/type) he is taking the biggest of them all, Pharmacology!
-We are headed out to the Notre Dame vs. BYU game this weekend and we can't wait!
-In addition to the game, Zack's mom and some of his siblings are coming out for the game as well.  We are so excited and can't wait to see some of our family!
-If having Zack's family here isn't enough, my mom is coming on Monday and gets to stay and play with us all week long. 

-I meant to put up a picture of what my mom sent me in the mail, but I forgot. I'll add it here!  She sent me a darling Halloween banner to put in my window.  I love it!
Don't you just love it?!  I know, you can't see it that well because the lighting in my house isn't great, but it says Happy Halloween.  I think it's the perfect decoration!
And because this is my blog and I can, some cute pictures of Elise:
The other day she dragged out her hamper and climbed inside!  All on her own.  So cute!
Elise loves to brush her teeth.  Well, not really.  She loves to eat all of her kid toothpaste, but does let me get in there a little bit to brush.  I'll take it. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Five Thoughts

- I started and finished the book Divergent this week. I really enjoyed it :)  BUT  if I could change one thing about it would be......(**SPOILER ALERT)

I would change the name Tobias. I really liked the character of Four but when I found out that that Tobias was his real name it was a total letdown for me.  This is because we have been watching the show Arrested Development on Netflix lately and once you meet that Tobias, it's all you can think of. So, I'll continue to call him Four :)

-I feel like I am the only person who is keeping their kid rear facing until two!!  I feel like everyone I see is younger than Elise and they are already flipped forward. 2 more month Elise!!

- I got a fun package in the mail from my mom yesterday.  Aren't moms the best?  I have a few finishing touches to put on it and then I'll show you what it is :)

-It's getting cold here in WI so our outdoor time is getting shorter.  Any suggestions of fun and cheap indoor things to go and do?

- I FINALLY got my shelves hung!!  Inspired by this blogger, I bought the shelves weeks ago!  When I tried to hang them the first time they wouldn't hold because I needed anchors with my screws.  Having finally bought those and borrowed a drill from my neighbor, they are now hung!  It doesn't look as good as my inspiration picture, but I still love it.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Family Farm

Today for our ward playgroup we headed out to Grafton, WI to The Family Farm.  Elise has been getting so good at all her animal sounds and I knew she would have a great time.  It was about a 25 minute drive from our house, but well worth it.  We had a great morning playing with all the animals and with some of our friends!
Elise has no fear of the animals!  She goes right up to them and puts out her hand to pet them!  Good thing all the animals were nice to her too!
She had fun with the mini ponies
The farm had lots of fun playgrounds and swings to play on too!
She had fun in the mini maze until she realized she couldn't find her way out!
We also bought some cups of corn to feed to the animals. Here is Elise feeding some to the sheep!
The kids found some wagons and had a fun time pulling them around and pulling each other in them too!
We had a very fun morning and are glad we went!  Elise just kept laughing and running up and around to all of the different animals.  I sure love my little girl!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Elise at 21 months!!!

I know that I don't do regular posts about Elise and her development, but she is talking so much and getting so big these days, I thought I had to update my blog! So in no particular order, here is what our Baby 'Lise is up to these days:

-She loves to say Hello!  The other day we came home and I thought for sure Zack was home but hiding from us so I walked around the house searching and yelling "Hello?" and she has done it ever since.  She's been able to say hello for a long time but now it's one of her favorite things!
-Another favorite phrase of hers is "Help me!" This girl (like her Mama) doesn't have much patience.  So she'll try something once and if it doesn't work she quickly yells "help me, help me" until someone comes.  It's pretty cute!
-Much to my disgust, she LOVES to eat "dip" totally plain!  It doesn't matter if it is ketchup, ranch, BBQ sauce, she grabs handfuls and puts it down like it's going out of style!  Grosses me out every. single. time.
-She is pretty smart and knows if she is poopy.  I don't need to do a smell check or ask her.  She just comes up and says "Poopy" to me and then runs in her room and lays down on the floor for me to change her. She is so helpful!
-She knows where we keep all of our movies and runs up to the closet several times a day and yells, "show!".  Sometimes she gets it and sometimes she doesn't.  It's not a happy place when I say no.
-She loves any and all animals and is getting better with her animal words and sounds.
-She loves to help me count, her favorite number to say is "two!" It's so much fun to read the counting board books with her and have her chime in on her favorite number.
-She is very polite and knows when to use please and thank you.  She is good about saying them too. She will come up to me with food and say please on her own a lot, but if not all I have to say to her is, "What do you say?" and it is followed by a very cute "Peeeeess!"  I love it!
Another word she is figuring out is "Sorry".  Sometimes she will use it as a preemptive sorry before she is about to do something she knows we don't want her to.  It's pretty funny!!  She is getting better at using it when she is in the wrong.
-She is constantly asking to go "side!"  Like all kids she loves to be outside running around and exploring and would stay out there all day if I'd let her!
-Elise has a great schedule going for her and I hope it lasts for a long time!!  She will sleep from 8pm until about 7:30am.  She also takes one long nap during the day. She naps from about 12:45pm until about 3:30 on a good day.  Its a pretty great system!
-Some of her favorite characters are Barbie and Mickey Mouse.  If she sees any of them she yells out their name until she gets whatever it is.  Good thing she is going to be Minnie Mouse for Halloween!
-One of my favorite places to find her is in her room sitting in the big rocking chair reading books to herself.  I can't quite understand her cute gibberish but I know she knows she is reading the book to herself, and it is adorable!
-She still loves her Daddy or to her, Zacky.  She loves to run up to our bedroom and pound on our door and yell for Zacky and look for him when we come home from anywhere.  Her reaction when he is home is awesome!
-We love this little girl. She is the joy in our lives and we are so lucky to have her.  Sure she has gotten rid of our ability to ever go out to dinner or sleep in but hearing her giggle and watching this crazy girl run around the park is priceless.  We love you so so much!!