Friday, October 12, 2012

Five Thoughts

- I started and finished the book Divergent this week. I really enjoyed it :)  BUT  if I could change one thing about it would be......(**SPOILER ALERT)

I would change the name Tobias. I really liked the character of Four but when I found out that that Tobias was his real name it was a total letdown for me.  This is because we have been watching the show Arrested Development on Netflix lately and once you meet that Tobias, it's all you can think of. So, I'll continue to call him Four :)

-I feel like I am the only person who is keeping their kid rear facing until two!!  I feel like everyone I see is younger than Elise and they are already flipped forward. 2 more month Elise!!

- I got a fun package in the mail from my mom yesterday.  Aren't moms the best?  I have a few finishing touches to put on it and then I'll show you what it is :)

-It's getting cold here in WI so our outdoor time is getting shorter.  Any suggestions of fun and cheap indoor things to go and do?

- I FINALLY got my shelves hung!!  Inspired by this blogger, I bought the shelves weeks ago!  When I tried to hang them the first time they wouldn't hold because I needed anchors with my screws.  Having finally bought those and borrowed a drill from my neighbor, they are now hung!  It doesn't look as good as my inspiration picture, but I still love it.


Shauna said...

I know what you mean. Corbyn was rear facing until he was 2, but everywhere I looked I saw people turning their kids around before 2! So annoying!

Also, I love your shelves! Good work!

erinmalia said...

haha. tobias. are you LOVING arrested development? other than seinfeld, i think it's the best sitcom ever on tv. so good. so hilarious.

we didn't keep rhett backwards until 2 but that's because they didn't tell us to back then! but we're definitely doing it with ollie. only 10 more months! ha.

libraries? nature centers? malls with indoor playgrounds?

Shantel said...

Good job keeping her rear facing till two. I've noticed that as well - that NO one seems to be doing it. Also, I love your shelves!

Katie said...

We didn't keep Naomi turned until 2. We almost made it to 18 months though... Naomi just kept kicking the seat and getting seriously mad. So, it was time.
And I love your shelves! They may not look the same, but it looks like you. They're adorable.

Nicole said...

it looks way cute! love the shelves. And sorry, i probably would've moved my kids forward too. but maybe not? who knows. I nurse my baby in the back of the car and obviously that is bad/wrong. but don't judge me! we all know we made it alive when they didn't even have carseats!