Thursday, December 31, 2009

Those of you who have....

made their blog into a book, could you please recommend the site you used to do that?  Or who not to use?  I would greatly appreciate all the help!  If you found out super great deals that would be wonderful too!  Thanks.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Celebrate good times- come on!

Basically Zack spoiled me rotten for our anniversary!  I loved it and I am so excited that I now get to have one :)  Our anniversary was on Sunday but we didn't do much for it since, well, it was a Sunday!  Monday he took me shopping to Down East where I had a hay day with their 50% off clearance sale!  I got lots of new cute shirts at dirt cheap prices, can't beat that can you?  Then we went to dinner that night at Macaroni Grill.  It was delicious!

Here we are at dinner

After dinner we came home and toasted to our one year in style (with Martinelli's of course) and watched Harry Potter.

On Tuesday, Zack came home and surprised me with flowers and my wedding band!  We picked it out a few weeks ago and I could not have been more excited to have it!  It is beautiful and I feel newly engaged again because I can't stop looking at my finger.  I got super camera happy and started snapping all those 'traditional' cheesy photos of our rings, so please enjoy.

Just pretend that our hands are on the Temple doors instead ;)

Zack and I with the beautiful roses

We all know this pose....

In Love

Today we continued the anniversary a little bit more by eating lunch at Braza Grill.  We had our luncheon there and this time we went with Zack's parents and family to celebrate his awesome grades this semester.  We had a ton of fun and were stuffed to the brim!  Here is a picture of us with some of their delicious limeades!

Here's to another blissful 365 days of marriage!  I love you Babe!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Zack and I were very spoiled this year for Christmas!  We had a wonderful day and it seemed like the fun was never going to end!  We got to spend the day with my family.  We woke up in the morning and opened gifts with my parents, my grandpa, as well as Nicole, Justin and Molly.  It is so fun to watch little kids on Christmas!  Nothing better than those excited faces and screams :)

Here we are with a few of our presents: (Oh, mind you we are fresh out of bed so, we look HOTT!)

Ta da!  I present to you the Cricut!!  This is what I went shopping for on Black Friday.  It is from my parents!  I can't wait to use it and get craftin'
Zack and his Wii game, Super Smash Bros. Brawl
In other games, we also got: Super Mario Bros. and Lost Cities

Me and my Snuggie!!  Yes, you better believe it is really that print too!  Love it!

Zack got a studly new sweater and this awesome 'vintage' BYU shirt from the Buckle from my parents.  He looks GOOOD.

Who wouldn't want to walk around in these little slippers?

We were very fotrunate and blessed this season as I hope you all were too.  Among other things we also got lots of fragrances, movies, shoes, shirts, and jewelry.

After spending time at my house we went over to Zack's parents house to see them.  They told us to go up into the craft room where our present was waiting.  It was the biggest box I have ever seen!  We ripped the paper off and there was a box claiming it was a 32" TV.  We both kinda stared at each other in disbelief wondering what REALLY was in the box, it couldn't be a TV right??  Well, it was!  We are now the proud owners of a 32" flat screen TV!  Thanks Linda and Evan!  We couldn't have been more suprised!  We love it and can't wait to set it up in our house.
Good haul this Christmas?  I think so!

Galbraith "Christmas Eve"

It was an on year with the Pugh's for Christmas Eve so on the 23rd, we celebrated it with the Galbraith clan.  We had a great time feasting on great food with all the trimmings.  My Mom always knows how to put on a good show.  Here is the table all set and ready for the fun to begin. 

After dinner we watched all the kids act out the nativity.  We haven't done this in our house since I was probably 8 so it has been a while.  Most of the kids weren't sure what to do, but it was still fun to watch. 

Here are all the kids in their Christmas PJ's from Grandma and Grandpa

Shay, Major, Mitt, Lexie and Molly

Zack and I by the tree

Snow Hall 405

My freshman year at Utah State I signed up to room with one girl that I knew leaving the other 4 up to chance.  Chance did me a good thing because I love those girls!  We lived in Snow Hall apt. 405!  We had a BLAST that year and very little studying got done!  Our motto- C's get degree's right?  Ha ha.  I think we all got it out of our system by the next year at least.  Although many of them have moved out of the state, gotten married, had kids, or received their masters degree, we still try to keep in touch.  Last Tuesday was no exception! 

Here are a few 'oldies but goodies' pictures from our past adventures as roommates:

Me, Kristina, Kristen
After a session of conference up Logan Canyon

Sarah's birthday party
Sarah, Ben, Me, Janae, Jeff, Kristen

Kortney, Me
Our tiny closets.  How we fit our stuff in there, I'll never know
Me, Janae,Kristen, Natalie, Ali (H.S. friends that came to visit for the weekend)
Mattress Party in the front room

Becca, Kristen, Janae, Me
The infamous night of the slip n' slide
(Mind you it was finals week as well- smart huh?)


Becca, Kortney, Kristen, Janae
Karoke over at Becca's house

Kristen, Janae, Me, Kortney, Becca
Gangs all here!!

Thanks ladies it was a blast!
Julie and Sarah- we missed you!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Today marks our 1 year anniversary! I cannot believe how fast it has flown by! It is just as beautiful of a day today, as it was one year ago. Here are some of my favorite memories from our first year together:

-Honeymoon to Disneyland
-Our first night in our apt. freezing our bums off!
-Mario Kart on Sunday afternoons
-Breaking in Alexander
-Having someone to cook dinner for!
-Our summer in China
-NOT having a baby (ha ha)
-You finally getting to kiss me on the 'A' at my graduation
-Me becoming the sugar mama and getting my first real job
-Moving 3 times in 1 year (more a pain than a delight, but funny all the same)
-Running a 5K together
-Attending all the BYU home games this season
-Being Mr. and Mrs. Incredible for Halloween
-Canoeing down the Provo River
-Starting the Band, the PP's
-Climbing to the top of Angels Landing down in Zion
-Witnessing The Great Wall of China together
-Celebrating the 1st of many Christmas's together

If possible, I love you even more now than I did before. Thank you for being my best friend now, and always. Remember, "Do you know what you are getting yourself into?"



Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Year End Letter

These ladies were on The Jay Leno Show last night and I couldn't keep myself from laughing at this.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE getting Christmas cards, sending and receiving them.  I hope you can get a laugh out of this.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Congrats Big Sis!!

Today my big sister Natalie is graduating with her MASTERS degree in Education!  I'm so proud of her and all the hard work that went into this degree with not only one, but two kids!  She is such a hard worker and smart!  I look up to her a lot and we call each other about our teaching yay's and woes.  She has been a big help/inspiration to me in my education and now that I am a teacher I have even more questions for her!  She is a fantastic teacher and all her students love her!  Congrats Nat!!  You deserve it!  Sorry I can't be there...but being a teacher you understand what a PAIN it is to get a sub!  Love you!

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Rivalry

This may come as a shock to many of you but this was my FIRST rivalry game!  I grew up as a cougar fan (as many of you know) since my Dad is a die hard Y fan!  He was heartbroken when I decided to go to Utah State but told me since their colors were blue and white, it was okay.  Ha ha ha. 

I have watched many many BYU vs. U of U games but never been in attendance before.  We sat with a bunch of other couples in our ward and had a good time.  Here is a pic of Shauna and I when things were going great.  Sun still out, Cougs ahead...yeah, things were good. 

Then, the temperature dropped as well as the cougar lead.  Into the 4th quarter our lead began to narrow and I got a knot in my stomach.  I don't think Zack has ever seen me so worried or tense. I was yelling and screaming for it to NOT go into overtime.  Murphy's law thought it would teach me a lesson (as it often does) and into over time we went.   We ended up pulling it off!!  We couldn't have been more thrilled!

We were so excited that we ran down with the rest of the crazy fans and rushed the field!

Here is a VERY happy Zack and I on the field

Woo Cougars!  Bragging rights for the next year!  

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmastime at the Pugh's

This Christmas is a very exciting one for me, since this is mine and Zack's first Christmas together.  This means that I finally have a home to decorate!  I have been having a great time buying and putting together these decorations to make our little house feel like home.  Here are some pictures of our house! 

Display table
I got the large apothecary jar on Black Friday from a store called Real Deals (I highly recommend this place for cheap, cute decorating).  I made the Noel, Days to Christmas countdown and the star.  The Nativity was a wedding gift Zack and I got last year.  Now I just need to embroider our names on the stockings and were set!

The Tree
The tree was a HUGE pain!  The stand it came from was very old and a bad design.  We tried setting it up a million times and would wake up in the morning with it fallen over on the ground.  Finally I broke down and bought a new stand.   It was $30 but worth every penny.  I gotta say, I LOVE our tree!
The Wreath
Yesterday I was at Smith's with my Mom buying some candy for my display and Mom thought this wreath was cute and at a good price ($22.99) so she bought it.  When she was checking out it rang up at $11.50!!  I have been looking for cute wreath everywhere but haven't found one that I liked that was cheap too!  So, I had to buy this little steal of a deal! 

Girls Weekend

This weekend the girls in my family decided to start a new tradition.  We reserved a room downtown at the Little America hotel.  We met up around 5pm on Friday and got settled in.  We took trax over to the Gateway Mall where we went shopping (of course!) and had dinner at Rumbi Grill.  We had a good time looking through all the shops and gathering ideas for Christmas gifts.  When we got back to the hotel, we headed over to the pool.  The hot tub there is HUGE so we had a nice time relaxing.  

The next morning we all got ready and headed to Little America's Saturday Brunch.  It was delicious!  They had all the breakfast foods you could want plus more!  We had a great time visiting and eating.  If any of you have the chance to go there for breakfast, you should.  My sister Nicole also surprised us with a little Christmas home made gift and I was nominated to do it next year.  Thanks Nicole!


For Thanksgiving, Zack and I were with my family.  We were celebrating with the Galbraith side and all got together at my Uncle Jim and Aunt Dixie's home in beautiful Midway!  They have lived there for 2 years now and it was fun to get together with many cousins I haven't seen in a long time.  We had a lot of fun visiting and eating and stuffing ourselves silly!

This year I actually contributed to the feast!   My Mom asked what I wanted to bring to dinner and I remember that I canned a bunch of peach pie filling a few months ago, so it was the perfect occasion to use it!  It turned out delicious if I do say so myself!  The only picture I took on Thanksgiving is of me and the pie to show off my mad skills, so here it is:

During the break, I went shopping for Black Friday.  I had never before gotten up and been at the store opening on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  This year was different.  The gift I wanted was SUPER on sale and I didn't know if I would get one if I went in later.  So, I braved the crowds and went.  The place I was going opened at 6am so it wasn't too bad.  I woke up at 5:45, put clothes on, grabbed car keys, and off I went!  I got to the store right in time, grabbed the goods and was out of there by 6:16am.  I was pretty proud!  Since it is my present from my Mom and Dad I decided since I know what is is, somebody should be surprised- so I haven't and will not tell anyone what it is till Christmas!  I'm pretty excited for it :)

Another thing my family loves to do during breaks is go to see movies.  This year we chose to go and see The Blind Side.  All I can say is that you have to go see it!   I LOVED it so so much.  It was one of those good feeling, happy family, movies!  I highly recommend it!