Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmastime at the Pugh's

This Christmas is a very exciting one for me, since this is mine and Zack's first Christmas together.  This means that I finally have a home to decorate!  I have been having a great time buying and putting together these decorations to make our little house feel like home.  Here are some pictures of our house! 

Display table
I got the large apothecary jar on Black Friday from a store called Real Deals (I highly recommend this place for cheap, cute decorating).  I made the Noel, Days to Christmas countdown and the star.  The Nativity was a wedding gift Zack and I got last year.  Now I just need to embroider our names on the stockings and were set!

The Tree
The tree was a HUGE pain!  The stand it came from was very old and a bad design.  We tried setting it up a million times and would wake up in the morning with it fallen over on the ground.  Finally I broke down and bought a new stand.   It was $30 but worth every penny.  I gotta say, I LOVE our tree!
The Wreath
Yesterday I was at Smith's with my Mom buying some candy for my display and Mom thought this wreath was cute and at a good price ($22.99) so she bought it.  When she was checking out it rang up at $11.50!!  I have been looking for cute wreath everywhere but haven't found one that I liked that was cheap too!  So, I had to buy this little steal of a deal! 


Jewls said...

Love your decorations, love your pie, love the sister idea, and think you're crazy for dealing with Black Friday, but way to go for doing it fast!! ;)

Jaime said...

Very cute... always the most crafty girl I know. Are there presents under that tree??

Melissa said...

Cute decorations! =0) I love it when I buy something and it rings up even less than I thought it would.