Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Zack and I were very spoiled this year for Christmas!  We had a wonderful day and it seemed like the fun was never going to end!  We got to spend the day with my family.  We woke up in the morning and opened gifts with my parents, my grandpa, as well as Nicole, Justin and Molly.  It is so fun to watch little kids on Christmas!  Nothing better than those excited faces and screams :)

Here we are with a few of our presents: (Oh, mind you we are fresh out of bed so, we look HOTT!)

Ta da!  I present to you the Cricut!!  This is what I went shopping for on Black Friday.  It is from my parents!  I can't wait to use it and get craftin'
Zack and his Wii game, Super Smash Bros. Brawl
In other games, we also got: Super Mario Bros. and Lost Cities

Me and my Snuggie!!  Yes, you better believe it is really that print too!  Love it!

Zack got a studly new sweater and this awesome 'vintage' BYU shirt from the Buckle from my parents.  He looks GOOOD.

Who wouldn't want to walk around in these little slippers?

We were very fotrunate and blessed this season as I hope you all were too.  Among other things we also got lots of fragrances, movies, shoes, shirts, and jewelry.

After spending time at my house we went over to Zack's parents house to see them.  They told us to go up into the craft room where our present was waiting.  It was the biggest box I have ever seen!  We ripped the paper off and there was a box claiming it was a 32" TV.  We both kinda stared at each other in disbelief wondering what REALLY was in the box, it couldn't be a TV right??  Well, it was!  We are now the proud owners of a 32" flat screen TV!  Thanks Linda and Evan!  We couldn't have been more suprised!  We love it and can't wait to set it up in our house.
Good haul this Christmas?  I think so!


Niederfam said...

Good haul for sure!!!! Can't wait to get our "craft" on tomorrow!!! ;)

Nick and Megan said...

SO jealous of your circut I have wanted one forever. Now thanks to my mom for christmas we all got scrap booking shutterfly we'll see how it goes. Ill miss cutting out all those tiny letters (and listening to Lucky)! Merry Christmas you guys