Monday, December 28, 2009

Snow Hall 405

My freshman year at Utah State I signed up to room with one girl that I knew leaving the other 4 up to chance.  Chance did me a good thing because I love those girls!  We lived in Snow Hall apt. 405!  We had a BLAST that year and very little studying got done!  Our motto- C's get degree's right?  Ha ha.  I think we all got it out of our system by the next year at least.  Although many of them have moved out of the state, gotten married, had kids, or received their masters degree, we still try to keep in touch.  Last Tuesday was no exception! 

Here are a few 'oldies but goodies' pictures from our past adventures as roommates:

Me, Kristina, Kristen
After a session of conference up Logan Canyon

Sarah's birthday party
Sarah, Ben, Me, Janae, Jeff, Kristen

Kortney, Me
Our tiny closets.  How we fit our stuff in there, I'll never know
Me, Janae,Kristen, Natalie, Ali (H.S. friends that came to visit for the weekend)
Mattress Party in the front room

Becca, Kristen, Janae, Me
The infamous night of the slip n' slide
(Mind you it was finals week as well- smart huh?)


Becca, Kortney, Kristen, Janae
Karoke over at Becca's house

Kristen, Janae, Me, Kortney, Becca
Gangs all here!!

Thanks ladies it was a blast!
Julie and Sarah- we missed you!


Kristen and Garrett Halligan said...

haha love it!

Hailey Jones said...


I went to high school with becca. She is so great! I'm sure you know better than i do! But how fun. I love reunions.

We're having one tomorrow at my house.

Jewls said...

Looks like fun! Sorry I missed it!