Monday, January 31, 2011

One Month

I'm a few days late in posting this, but here is our pretty little girl at the age of one month!!  She is getting so big!  She already is up to 8 lbs. 4 oz! We love you Elise!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Birthday {Twenty Five}

It was my birthday last week and I had a great time celebrating it!  I certainly was spoiled rotten! 
On my actual birthday, our good friends David and Rachel came over with this delicious cake they made for me!  Thanks Rachel!
Zack came home and surprised me with this gorgeous bouquet of flowers!  He also got me some new clothes (including nice to wear normal jeans again!), a gift certificate to get a mani pedi, some goldfish crackers, and a trip to Color Me Mine.  I have been telling him that I've wanted to go there for a long time, and we finally got to go!
Here is Zack working on his mug!  We were both surprised at how much we enjoyed it!  We both thought it would be fun...we just didn't realize how much fun!!
Here we are with the finished product.  I say finished because in this photo, they still had to be glazed.  So, they are much brighter in their finished form than they appear here.  I have always wanted a 'You are Special' plate so I decided to make it myself!  Zack made a giant mug that says Papa Pugh! We love how they turned out.  It was a GREAT birthday!  Thanks to everyone who helped make it so special for me!

The Latest of Elise...

I haven't updated very much lately so here are a bunch of photos of our little girl and what she has been up to in her first month of life!
Here we are with my Grandpa Galbraith.  He is 96 years old and going strong!

I laid her down on a blanket for a couple of minutes and I came back and she had fallen asleep in front of this space heater. She loves to be warm!  So cute!
 She loves her baths!  During this bath she even put one of her feet down in the water because she liked it so much! Is this picture not the cutest thing?  She even was modest all on her own...we didn't position her like that. 
After the bath we were in a rush to find the binky.  She wanted something so bad she started to suck on Zack's finger.  
We spent a few days up at my Mom's house while Zack was gone at an interview.  Elise and her cousin Molly got to hang out a bit!

Just chilling in her bouncer!


My cousin Holly and I are only 1 month apart!  We grew up together with lots of play dates and were the best of cousins!  I have many memories with her that include, but are not limited to: pranks, the castle plates, orange juice, the nutcracker, your pool, Hogi Yogi, ice chairs, sport court, fimo beads, pasting on my swimsuit, and many many more!  Holly and her husband Brad moved to Washington D.C. this past August for Brad to start med school- so its been awhile since I've seen my favorite cousin!  Fortunately her and her adorable daughter, Lilia, were out for a visit last week and we got together!
This coming week Zack has an interview at the same school Holly's husband goes to.  Let's just say I'd LOVE it if we went there so I could hang out with these 2 awesome girls all the time!  Thanks for vising Holly! (Oh, and Elise wasn't as mad as she looks in this picture!)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bathing Beauty!

My Mom has come down several times this week to help me out with Elise.  Its been so great to have her help!  We gave Elise her first bath on Wednesday.  She didn't love it....but she didn't hate it either!  Its a good thing that babies only need to bathed 2 times a week.  I think she has forgotten all about it- 'till next time! 

Babies smell so good after baths!  I love their shampoo and lotions!  And those hooded towels are the best!  Who doesn't look cute in those!  I'd say bath #1 was a success!

Photo Shoot: Take One

My sister Nicole is a budding photographer so she offered to take some newborn shots of little miss for free!  Yay!  Those words are music to my ears! She got some great shots and had some awesome ideas- its too bad that Elise wasn't in the mood to cooperate!  Most newborns sleep all day long but of course, the 3 hours we tried to take pictures she was wide awake!  We managed to get a few great ones still!  Here are some of my favorites!  Thanks again Nicole!  We will try again soon!
 We love you so much Elise!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Elise Noelle {The Birth Story}

It began on Tuesday December 28th.  If you remember my due date was Dec. 27th so we were a little sad that we went past the due date.  I had a doctor’s appointment that afternoon at 1pm.  We had a relaxing and easy morning and then drove to the appointment.  They called me back and first thing they do at every appointment is take your blood pressure.  Mine has been pretty high all of December but when they checked me on Tuesday it was as high as 160!  The nurse said “you might be going to the hospital right now.”  The doctor still came in and checked me to see how far progressed I was, but I was still only dilated to a 2 and only 75% effaced.  The doctor told me I should get checked into the hospital as soon as possible. So, we left the appointment, ran home to grab my hospital bags and off we went! 
We arrived at the hospital around 2pm and got checked in!  I got dressed in my gown and waited for the nurse to come in.  She told me that since I was still only at a 2, that the doctor recommended that before we start Pitocin, that I should try cytotec.  That is a pill they put up me to make me cervix “ripen” if you will.  Each pill takes about 3 hours.  So, we waited.  After the 3 hours, I had progress maybe a ½ so they tried another dose of cytotec.  Around this time my mom came down to join the party and keep us company.  After time had passed they checked me and still NOTHING!  The nurse talked with the doctor and they decided that they wanted me to progress naturally and be to a 3 or 4 before they start Pitocin, so they said they were going to leave me to be and they would be in again around 4am to check me.  This was at about 9:30pm on Tuesday night so I was not very happy to hear that I just had to wait around until 4.  My mom starts to gather her things to leave since she figured it would be awhile when all of the sudden my water broke!  It’s a good thing she didn’t leave yet!  The nurse came in to verify that my water broke and sure enough it had!  At this point I could start to feel some contractions.  It wasn’t terrible pain, but I asked for my epidural at this time since why feel any pain if I don’t have to?!

 Here we are! First Family Photo.  This is right after Elise was born.

The anesthesiologist was brought in.  Getting in the epidural was easy and pain free.  Life was good and I was hoping to progress quickly at this point!  Little did I know I was about to get all that I wished for and more!  After the epidural had been in for about 10 minutes, every time I would have a contraction the baby’s heart rate would drop.  I started to have a really bad contraction that lasted for about 10 minutes and at this point the nurses were very worried.  Several more nurses came running in talking about calling this person, getting doctor so-and-so.  They had me rolling over from one side to the other to see if that would bring her heart rate up but it didn’t work.  They even had me get on my knees in praying position with my head to my chin- but that didn’t work either. It was at this point and when I was in this position that I was rolled out of the room, and into the operating room. I was scared as they wheeled me through the hall-not for me, but for Elise. But I knew everything was going to be ok.  I was moved to the operating table, given some oxygen and the anesthesiologist checked to make sure I had no feeling.  It was a good thing I got the epidural when I did!  Zack got to come in and hold my hand and watch the surgery.  It all went very fast!  From the time the incision was made it was maybe 2 minutes until Elise was born.  I was alert during the surgery but luckily had no feeling. There was a sheet under my head so I was not able to see her born, but Zack was able to watch. After she was born they took her away to clean her up and test her to make sure she was ok.  I heard her crying and felt a wave of relief knowing my baby was ok.  The first thing I heard someone say after she came out was a nurse saying, “She’s really pretty!”  This gave me a big smile!  After the C-section everything was good and normal.  Zack was able to bring her to the side of my head to show her to me.  I couldn’t hold her yet- I was still not stitched up from surgery and had NO feeling in my arms.  But we were able to get some photos taken and I got to give her a little kiss.  She was bright eyed and VERY awake!  I was so happy to have her here and safe!  
 The proud Papa Pugh in his scrubs he got to put on to be in the OR while she was born.  I love this picture!

Zack then left with Elise to the nursery where they gave her a bath and checked her.  She was born on Wednesday December 29th at 12:06am.  She weighed 6 lbs. 5 oz. and was only 18 inches long.  She is a very small baby, especially for going full term.  They were worried that she might have diabetes so she had to have a blood sugar test every 6 hours for the first 24 hours but she passed that with flying colors!  She also did great on her hearing test.  The only thing they are worried about at this point is her weight. She has now lost 11% of body weight when most newborns only lost 7% so we are doing our best to feed this little girl whenever she wants- and lots of it!  Nursing is hard and definitely something to work at but it’s getting better.  We were able to come home yesterday (New Year’s Day) and couldn’t be happier to have this little girl at our home with us. 
 As you can see she was very alert after birth!  We love her big dark eyes and especially all that hair!!  We love her so much and are excited for all that lies ahead!