Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Latest of Elise...

I haven't updated very much lately so here are a bunch of photos of our little girl and what she has been up to in her first month of life!
Here we are with my Grandpa Galbraith.  He is 96 years old and going strong!

I laid her down on a blanket for a couple of minutes and I came back and she had fallen asleep in front of this space heater. She loves to be warm!  So cute!
 She loves her baths!  During this bath she even put one of her feet down in the water because she liked it so much! Is this picture not the cutest thing?  She even was modest all on her own...we didn't position her like that. 
After the bath we were in a rush to find the binky.  She wanted something so bad she started to suck on Zack's finger.  
We spent a few days up at my Mom's house while Zack was gone at an interview.  Elise and her cousin Molly got to hang out a bit!

Just chilling in her bouncer!


Noelle said...

Emily, she is so adorable! I love the modest bath shot. Ha ha.

K.Dawg said...

So precious. She is gorgeous.

K.Dawg said...

So precious. She is gorgeous.

galbraithfam said...

So, after looking at these pics--I totally agree with you that she definitely has a Shay look going on!! She is DARLING! And all that dark hair--sigh....reminds me of lexie as a baby. Looks like you are loving being a mama and you look amazing! Ryan and I are probably coming out sometime this month--cross your fingers--I hope I get to see Elise! Soon! Oh, and well, you and Zack too!