Saturday, January 29, 2011


My cousin Holly and I are only 1 month apart!  We grew up together with lots of play dates and were the best of cousins!  I have many memories with her that include, but are not limited to: pranks, the castle plates, orange juice, the nutcracker, your pool, Hogi Yogi, ice chairs, sport court, fimo beads, pasting on my swimsuit, and many many more!  Holly and her husband Brad moved to Washington D.C. this past August for Brad to start med school- so its been awhile since I've seen my favorite cousin!  Fortunately her and her adorable daughter, Lilia, were out for a visit last week and we got together!
This coming week Zack has an interview at the same school Holly's husband goes to.  Let's just say I'd LOVE it if we went there so I could hang out with these 2 awesome girls all the time!  Thanks for vising Holly! (Oh, and Elise wasn't as mad as she looks in this picture!)


Wendy said...

Oh man! Those were good times! I forgot about you pasting your swimsuit on!!! HA! HA! I already commented on this pic on facebook, but it reminds me of you and Holly posing with your American Girl dolls. Your babies are much cuter, though. :)

erinmalia said...

all of those pictures of elise are adorable.

and at what school was zack interviewing? is your cousin in DC, MD, or VA? this marylander wants to know!

Holly Petty said...

Oh it was so good to see you and to meet sweet Elise! I am rooting for you guys to be our neighbors, oh what fun that would be!