Thursday, March 13, 2014

Trains and Butterflies

Last week we went on couple of fun outings that I thought I'd post for memory's sake.  First, we went to the Mitchell Park Domes.  Every Monday they have free admission for Milwaukee county residents.  It's a fun place to go but not something I'd normally pay money for, so I'm glad it is free :) 
They have 3 domes- which are essentially giant greenhouses. Each one has a different climate.  They have a desert dome, tropical dome and a special exhibit dome.  This quarter the special exhibit are model trains  They had a bunch of them set up and Elise loved to watch them go around.  She especially liked to follow the Thomas Train and see where it was going. 

It was a high of 9 degrees when we went to the domes.  It was nice to take my coat off and walk around in what felt like "outside" and pretend that it wasn't cold anymore.

Elise loved the waterfall and pond inside the tropical dome.  They had some HUGE goldfish swimming around and she thought it was pretty cool. 
Here is a view of an excited (ha!) Elise with the big train exhibit behind her. 
I'm never in pictures these days since I'm always the one taking them.  Clearly Elise was thrilled about being in one with me. 
My sweet boy James was there too.  He is our little buddy and is always a happy boy!
I put her hair in (what I thought) was a really cool braid, I had to document.  It would look better if I had clear elastics, but oh well!
We also went to the public museum!  They happen to have a butterfly room there and Elise LOVES it!  She would be happy to stay inside all day. 
 This little girl loves animals/insects of any kind.  They make her so happy.  Elise is usually so bouncy and hyperactive but when she had a butterfly land on her, she was the most calm and gentle girl ever.  Seeing her care for this butterfly was the cutest thing.
She was holding and petting this black/yellow butterfly for at least 5 whole minutes. That's a long time for a butterfly to be on you!  She even helped pass it to a 5 yr. old girl so she could have a turn with it, and was able to get it back.  The would stroke it's wings and then brought it over to the water so it could get a drink because "it was thirsty" as she told me. 
I love this girl and her love for all of God's creatures.  Just as long as she doesn't bring a tarantula home as a pet one day, we'll be good!  Future vet, zoologist?  We shall see!