Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Sorry it has been a while since I last posted!!  Here is a little update on our lives at the Pugh house:

As a first year teacher, I am BUSY BUSY BUSY.
Accident report: Several broken needles, sent a girl to the hospital (she got her finger stuck in the needle and when she pulled it out, the needle broke off inside her finger!), used several bandaids.
BUT the kids have learned how to: Hand sew (basting and backstitch), we have over 200 frog puppets that we will hopefully donate to the Festival of Trees, they know how to make a loom hat and are currently working on a 9 patch pillow project.
Parent/Teacher Conferences are Thursday- wish me luck!

Zack and I have discovered Glee and The Biggest Loser. We enjoy watching them together.  Its been so so nice to have Zack home at nights with me so I am no longer the MTC Widow.
I have made some new and delicous recipes!
I got the biggest paycheck of my life Sept. 15th- very exciting!!
I am on the Enrichment Committee for my Church and we have our big quarterly activity this Saturday, it's going to be great :)

And last, I thought I would give you a sneak peak of my latest craft venture.  One mans trash is another mans treasure- SO TRUE!!  A few weeks ago I went with my Mom and Sister to George's Architectural Salvage.  It is in downtown SLC and we picked up a few treasures to make new again!  I'm still working on them, but for now you can just see the 'before' and wait until the big reveal!

In case you can't tell what these are, that is an old window pane (glass still in tact) and a very old drawer.  I also bought some old knobs too. 

Sunday, September 13, 2009

.gettin' my craft on.

This week has been awesome for making crafts!  For Labor Day we had dinner with the family at my parents house and I finally got to make one of those cute bracelet/watch things!  With the help of my sisters, here is the finished project!

Next, my friend Shauna is over the craft part of enrichment (we hold it a lot more in our ward since its a BYU student ward) and this Thursday she had some great ones lined up for us!

First, I made a picture cube.  She bought some wood and then had it cut into 4 X 4.  We used paint, and brought our own pictures to modge podge onto it. I really love how mine turned out.  She also has a cricut machine, so we could get anything we wanted cut out.  It was great!  Here are some pictures of my block-

Then, to help show some school pride, she bought the letters B, Y and U and with a dash of paint, some cricut letter and some wire, we got an awesome door hanger to put up for game days! 

I love how it turned out!  And so did Zack :)

Go Cougs!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


A few weeks ago, Shauna and Roger invited us to go with them on a trip down to St. George and Zions!  We had so much fun with them!  I had never been to Zions- the one time my family took a trip down there I came down with the chicken pox and had to stay home!  I'm pretty sure I appreciated/enjoyed the hikes much more this time than I would have when I was 11 :)

We drove down on a Friday and then stayed with Shauna's family.  We got up early on Saturday morning and hiked Angels Landing- a beautiful hike but the last half mile is so narrow that there are chains for you to hold onto while you hike!  By the time we reached the top, it was certainly worth the view!! 

After Angels Landing, we had lunch and recharged ourselves to get ready for the Narrows.  We didn't go too far in since most of the day was spent, but we had fun and saw some waterfalls of the rocks and played in the chilly water. 

Sunday we we got to go to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple dedication with the Ririe clan and then had a wonderful breakfast!  We drove to Zions again and hiked some easy trails for a Sunday.   We hiked to Weeping Rock and also to the Emerald Pools! 

It was so much fun- thanks for inviting us! Oh, and watch out for these creeps on the trail!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

.swiss days.

This weekend all the girls in my family went up to Swiss Days in Midway, Utah.  It was a lot of fun!  My Mom told me that Swiss Days is the biggest craft fair in the western United States-who knew?!  It definitely showed when we arrived!  There were so many booths and tons more people!  We all enjoyed walking around buying things and getting ideas too!  I snapped a picture of all of us at lunch- so here it is! 

I hope all of you are enjoying your Labor Day weekend!