Sunday, September 13, 2009

.gettin' my craft on.

This week has been awesome for making crafts!  For Labor Day we had dinner with the family at my parents house and I finally got to make one of those cute bracelet/watch things!  With the help of my sisters, here is the finished project!

Next, my friend Shauna is over the craft part of enrichment (we hold it a lot more in our ward since its a BYU student ward) and this Thursday she had some great ones lined up for us!

First, I made a picture cube.  She bought some wood and then had it cut into 4 X 4.  We used paint, and brought our own pictures to modge podge onto it. I really love how mine turned out.  She also has a cricut machine, so we could get anything we wanted cut out.  It was great!  Here are some pictures of my block-

Then, to help show some school pride, she bought the letters B, Y and U and with a dash of paint, some cricut letter and some wire, we got an awesome door hanger to put up for game days! 

I love how it turned out!  And so did Zack :)

Go Cougs!!


Chris and Amy Darton said...

How cute you little Martha, I made a watch bracelet too, theyre fun!

Jewls said...

Blah Em! You're brainwashed!! I may live in "happy valley" but I still bleed Aggie blue! :) Cute crafts though...!!

Emily said...

Just so everyone is aware- I grew up a BYU fan. I went to so many games with my Dad and was at least listening to the radio if I was home. My entire family but me when to the Y and I was planning on going to BYU my whole life until a month before I applied and decided to go with Utah State. Don't worry, I love USU and will cheer for them over BYU when the two play, but I am a Y fan too. As long as the color isn't red, I think I'm ok.

Nicole said...

Yay! I just bought some knobs to do my drawer. Now I have to find some scrapbook paper and paint and I'll be ready to start!

Your stuff turned out cute!

Wendy said...

Cute crafts! And I love your watch band!!!! Very cute!!!