Thursday, July 30, 2009

We're Coming to America......TUES DAY

Tuesday was the closest word I could get to today, so please fogive me.

We fly home on Tuesday August 4th! We arrive in the SLC international airport at 8:11pm. Zack and I expect you all to be there with banners, balloons, and of course some Cafe' Rio.

Can't wait to come home and see all of our favorite people! Enjoy your weekend and we will see you soon!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So, I am at work right now reading all the blogs I check and nobody has updated a lot lately. Everyone is busy with summer fun and work and life. I figured I would blog too. I can't post pictures, but hey- my life is exciting.

First off- Thank You's are in order to my good friend Shauna for being our real estate agent in Provo. We are still looking for a place to live when we come home and Shauna has been more than wonderful at calling places for us, and going over to look at them,take pictures,and send them my way. THANKS SHAUNA!!

This week- we move out of our Jingan apartment (the owners who were graciously letting us live there for FREE sold the place) to live somewhere else. This will be fun to get to know another part of Shanghai, and will be a good trial run to see if all of our souvenirs fit into our suitcases. Cross your fingers for us!

I have found several potential jobs!! I found several awesome secretary type jobs in Provo that pay really well and include benefits (we REALLY need benefits) and another is a Teaching Job!! It is in Alpine School District and would be amazing if I got it. Its at a middle school, teaching FACS. Right up my alley. I totally want a middle school too. So, I need everyone's fingers crossed and prayers sent out.

I sent in the ok to go to my high school reunion. What?! Have I seriously been graduated for 5 years? I am still a senion in high school!! Trust me, I look like one for sure. As I student taught at Timpview, teachers would stop me in the copy room and would tell me that student aides aren't allowed in. Yeah, thanks! I would rather look young than old though! Its going to be weird. I have no idea who will be there (I keep in touch with most of the people I wanted to). At least I have my hottie hubby and my College Diploma to show for the past 5 years! Woo- go me!!

We come home from China in just under 3 weeks! Its gone by so quickly. We are trying to squeeze everything in before we go back. We're also planning a last hurrah trip to Guelin (google image it- its beautiful) so I hope that works out!!

LOVE reading about your summer, lives,and family! See you all in 3 weeks!