Sunday, December 6, 2009

Girls Weekend

This weekend the girls in my family decided to start a new tradition.  We reserved a room downtown at the Little America hotel.  We met up around 5pm on Friday and got settled in.  We took trax over to the Gateway Mall where we went shopping (of course!) and had dinner at Rumbi Grill.  We had a good time looking through all the shops and gathering ideas for Christmas gifts.  When we got back to the hotel, we headed over to the pool.  The hot tub there is HUGE so we had a nice time relaxing.  

The next morning we all got ready and headed to Little America's Saturday Brunch.  It was delicious!  They had all the breakfast foods you could want plus more!  We had a great time visiting and eating.  If any of you have the chance to go there for breakfast, you should.  My sister Nicole also surprised us with a little Christmas home made gift and I was nominated to do it next year.  Thanks Nicole!


erinmalia said...

i want to know more about this gift from nicole. what did she make everyone?

Melissa said...

We need to do more sister stuff like you guys do! You rock. So fun!! Next year we will have to do something like that.

To be honest with you this whole bed rest thing i am doing makes anything sound fun. I am actually excited to go to the doctor even if I get a shot every week. =) That is pretty pathetic!

Niederfam said...

YAY, it was FUN!!!I did just copy the photos from here. THANKS.

And YES, next year you are the gift giver, so I'll be excited to see what you MAKE!!!!