Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Celebrate good times- come on!

Basically Zack spoiled me rotten for our anniversary!  I loved it and I am so excited that I now get to have one :)  Our anniversary was on Sunday but we didn't do much for it since, well, it was a Sunday!  Monday he took me shopping to Down East where I had a hay day with their 50% off clearance sale!  I got lots of new cute shirts at dirt cheap prices, can't beat that can you?  Then we went to dinner that night at Macaroni Grill.  It was delicious!

Here we are at dinner

After dinner we came home and toasted to our one year in style (with Martinelli's of course) and watched Harry Potter.

On Tuesday, Zack came home and surprised me with flowers and my wedding band!  We picked it out a few weeks ago and I could not have been more excited to have it!  It is beautiful and I feel newly engaged again because I can't stop looking at my finger.  I got super camera happy and started snapping all those 'traditional' cheesy photos of our rings, so please enjoy.

Just pretend that our hands are on the Temple doors instead ;)

Zack and I with the beautiful roses

We all know this pose....

In Love

Today we continued the anniversary a little bit more by eating lunch at Braza Grill.  We had our luncheon there and this time we went with Zack's parents and family to celebrate his awesome grades this semester.  We had a ton of fun and were stuffed to the brim!  Here is a picture of us with some of their delicious limeades!

Here's to another blissful 365 days of marriage!  I love you Babe!


Shauna aka Big Chief Rain Dance Phillips said...

Pretty ring! Can't wait to see it in person!

Chris and Amy Darton said...

Aww yay for anniversarys :) You guys are adorable!

emily said...

wow, celebrating the whole week - maybe that's something i should encourage ben to do. :)

you guys seem great together - i love it. enjoy. :)

Nicole said...

ah, i didn't realize he put your ring in those roses...well I wasn't there! anyway, looks very pretty!

Niederfam said...

I'm glad you were SPOILED, just as you should be.....can't wait to see the new jewelry!!!! ;)

Congrats to a successful year, and GOOD LUCK surviving another, I know you can do it!!!

galbraithfam said...

Yeah!! You've survived the first year, well actually it looks like you enjoyed it!! Good for you! BTW, that picture of you with the roses--you seriously look amazing!! Glamour shot pose. I love it! Congrats guys!

Nina said...

So glad we got to celebrate with you guys. That Zack is so have me as a sister I mean :)