Monday, August 12, 2013

Enderis Splash Pad

As I've mentioned, we live across the street from the park.  There are many great things about this but one of them is that we are in walking distance to a fun splash pad! It isn't open for very many weeks in the summer but we still had a blast when we went!

 Elise would make a buddy every time we'd go and would follow them around and copy what they would do.  She's so funny! The other kids were fascinated with this drain, so of course, she was too.
 Elise loves the water!! 
 Having fun running under the "rain"!
 It's already closed for the season
 but I imagine that when James is 1 next year we'll spend many more summer afternoons here!

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emily said...

looks so great! i'm so hoping our town will get a splash pad before my kids grow out of them . . . :)