Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Zack's Birthday Bash

In addition to our family party, we also thew a birthday bash for Zack with some of our neighbors and some of his friends from school. 
I made (what I thought) was a bunch of yummy food and treats for all our guests
Here is Zack with his friends from school. 
L to R- Courtney, Abby, Ayuko, Zack, Hemal and Amy
Fred and Kathy were kind enough to come by and say hello!  They even brought custard with them :)  Nic was enjoying that!
Emily, Jenn and Daniel (holding Sam)
Some of our building-mates, Scott and Lyle
And Nic, Janey and baby Emily
Thanks to everyone who could come by and say hello! We had a great time!

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