Wednesday, November 6, 2013


We had so much fun with Halloween this year!!  We had lots of different events to be at so it felt like it lasted for weeks, which we loved!! 
As I mentioned before, Milwaukee does Halloween a little different. Each neighborhood picks it's own day and time to have trick-or-treating.  It usually isn't on Halloween itself but can be.  For us it was the 25th!  I was really excited to take Elise out since this was the first time she went "real" trick or treating from door to door. 
Elise, Jane, Chloe and Naomi
Some fun decorations at a home we stopped at.
We went with our cute neighbor friends and had a great time! We noticed that a lot of people here set up a small bonfire our in their driveway and sit around the fire with their candy to hand out.  That made it a lot faster and warmer!  It was also pretty funny to see lots of dads out with beers in hand.  We were offered some cider at one home and she asked if we wanted it "spiked or un-spiked".  It made me laugh- we aren't in Utah anymore!!  We only did a few streets but still were able to bring home a lot of candy. 
The next activity we had was our ward Halloween party.  I signed up with our friends the Ratto's to decorate a door for the ward contest.  We didn't win but I think our mummy door turned out pretty cute!  Instead of a trunk or treat they just stayed indoors and went door to door in the church. 
Me and my cute monkey!!
Finally on Halloween we had trick or treating at the medical school.  It's always really fun to go there!! They have footprints all over the school and offices showing where to go and each office does a great job of decorating it.  After you finish that you can go to the cafeteria where they have games and activities and healthy food to eat.  It's fun every year!
Our cute little family!

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