Monday, November 4, 2013

Cedarburg Creek Farm

A few weeks ago we went to a pumpkin patch out in Cedarburg.  It was a blast!!!  That morning when we told Elise we were going to a farm she was SO excited!!  She couldn't wait to go and kept asking us about all of the animals that would be there.  Just seeing her that happy made the whole thing that much better. 
It was a nice drive on a beautiful fall morning.  It is always nice to get out of Milwaukee and see how beautiful Wisconsin really is.  I forget that a lot of the time living in the city. 

Elise could have fed the animals all day!  She loved it!!  She didn't quite grasp the concept of opening up her palm so they could get the food so it was pretty funny to watch her feed them, but she had a good time! 
We said "gobble gobble" to the turkeys and told them we'd see them in a few weeks ;)
And oinked at the piggies
They also had ducks, geese, baby chicks and ponies.  Elise actually got bit by a pony while feeding it.  If you ask her today about a pony she will re-live the whole experience and tell you a pony bit her and "no no no pony!" 
James was being  his usual perfect self and hung out with me in the bjorn watching all the kids and animals.  I think he was pretty entertained too.
Besides feeding the animals, the farm had bounce houses to play on (Elise did 2 of them but we didn't get any pictures), a hayride, a corn maze, a "corn box" aka sandbox with corn, and mini tractor riding.  There was so much to do we could have stayed all day!
Here is Elise playing with the trucks in the corn box
Riding her tractor
The cutest goat and sheep around!
We took a hayride around the farm and had a lot of fun!! I love this picture of James, he is such a stud!!
James giving Daddy some love!
The last thing before we left was to head over to the fields and pick our pumpkins!  They had these wagons to haul your pumpkins (and kids!) which Elise loved. 
It was a great afternoon and we will certainly be back again next year!  Lots of fun! 


Rachel said...

James is a stud!! He looks so much like you!

Shantel said...

Looks like so much fun! I know that I've said this before - but I love your hair. It's so pretty.