Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Binky Fairy

We are binky free!!!  This has been a looooong time coming and I have been putting it off forever.  Zack and I finally bit the bullet and decided to take away the binky and it has gone really well!  I thought that a visit from the binky fairy might help ease the transition the most. 
It was a normal day and after bath time we told her a special visitor was coming.  We explained who the binky fairy was and that we were to put her binkys in an envelope so the binky fairy knew to come! 
We placed the binkys inside and Elise was not a happy girl.  We asked her if she wanted to help us put it out in the mailbox but she refused.  While I took the letter to be "mailed" I went and put it in the outside garbage so it wouldn't be a temptation to me.  When I walked back I set up what the binky fairy "left".
She got a letter from the fairy, some Sofia the First pajamas and a unicorn backpack that we affectionately named Periwinkle.  Once she received her gifts she was still sad and even said, "I already miss my binky" but I think she knew her fate was sealed.  She will ask for it here and there (usually in the middle of the day) but is doing so so well!
We are so incredibly proud of her!  Her binky has been with her since she was born and one of her favorite things!  She always had one in mouth and one in hand if she could.  We are proud that she has done so well giving up something so dear to her!  She hasn't even asked for it the past two nights!  Go Elise!


Rachel said...

Hooray for Elise!! We had a rough first week but it's been great ever since. Bryan says he wants to take Mattie's away now so we don't have to go through that again :)

Niederfam said...

YAY Elise. What a BIG BIG girl you are. So glad "Periwinkle" is keeping you company now. ;)

Niederfam said...

YAY Elise. What a BIG BIG girl you are. So glad "Periwinkle" is keeping you company now. ;)

Shantel said...

The Binky Fairy is a cute idea. I'm glad it's going so well!

Nicole said...

Yay yay yay! So glad it went better than you thought :) for all of you!