Monday, December 2, 2013


This was a fun Thanksgiving because I was the host!  That is a first for me :)  We had it in our house and had two other families over to join us! 
I was pretty worried about making the turkey.  I know it really isn't that hard but you just hear all the bad stories about it and I didn't want that to be me! I just used an oven bag to cook it and rubbed it in butter and added some veggies to the bag and it turned out beautiful and delicious!  I was proud of myself!
In addition to the turkey I also made a drink, gravy and sweet potato casserole.  We had a delicious spread thanks to Janey and Cassi who also helped with the cooking!
Of course, by the time everyone arrived I forgot about taking people of any people.  Just the food.  But that is what Thanksgiving is about, right? 
I was able to use my fall table runner and a little thankful tree I mad as the centerpiece. Our living room barely was big enough for the table, but it worked out! 
We had a great time eating, visiting and laughing with the Ratto's and Burdges.  We truly have so so much to be thankful for and are incredibly blessed! 

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Rachel said...

I'm so impressed! My goal in life is to never have to host a Thanksgiving