Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Elise turns THREE!!

I really can't believe that our little girl is 3!  We thought we'd start the day out right with some streamers and balloons for her to wake up to.
She thought it was a pretty awesome surprised and had fun playing with the balloons for days!
Since her birthday fell on a Sunday we let her open one present before church. 
It was a beautiful, sparkly "layna" dress!  She has been asking for a sparkly dress for weeks now and was excited to have one!  Also in the present was a pin to wear on her dress that said "Birthday Girl" and it was fun to have everyone at church say happy birthday to her!
The day was pretty low key and normal until dinner time.  I made what I think is one of her favorites for dinner- Italian crock pot chicken.  It is a meal she always eats a lot of so I figured it has to be a favorite.  She even got to use the You Are Special plate and thought that was pretty cool!
After dinner she got to open presents!  Here she is opening the game Uno Moo.  We are hoping to get her into more games this year since she is bigger.  She also got Candyland for Christmas. Both still seemed little advanced for her, but we'll keep working
I should also mention that Elise did get dressed that day, but she is OBSESSED with this little star nightgown she opened Christmas Eve.  Unless we are leaving the house, she can usually be found wearing this. I'm picking my battles. And who I am to argue someone who wants to wear pajamas all day!
Reading the new books that Grandma Marie sent to her- with princess crown, of course!
Giving her new Cinderella doll a hug!
Here she is showing off her new butterfly wings and matching tu-tu!
Grandma also sent 4 little farm puzzles knowing how much Elise loves farms!
And speaking of...she got more farm animals!
And to finish the night off- a princess kit!  It came with a skirt, high heels, earrings, a wand (that she calls a "spell") a purse and a crown!  How very fitting for this little princess of ours!
When it was time for candles Elise wanted more. She remember that Daddy had lots of candles on his cake and wondered why hers didn't.  I explained that each year she'll get more and more candles the bigger she gets. She still wanted more but settled for the 3 :)
Happy birthday our sweet Elise!  We love you so very much and had a great time celebrating you all day long! 


Rachel said...

Aren't three year old gifts the best? Such a fun age to shop for. And, jilly called her wand a spell for the longest time, I can see how it's an easy mistake to make :)

emily said...

Crazy that she is 3. She just seems and looks like a sweet little gal! Her birthday looked very special and fun - good job! :)