Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas 2013

We had a wonderful Christmas this year! It was our first Christmas that we didn't travel back to Utah to spend with our extended family.  We were sad to not see all of our loved ones but we had a really fun time waking up in our house Christmas morning and just enjoying it together.
On Christmas Eve we got together with 3 other families and had a fun dinner.  The kids played together and watched a little bit of Elf too.  After that we all went home and talked about the true meaning of Christmas. It's a little tricky of a concept for our almost three year old to grasp so we talked about Santa coming too.  She was so excited!  She went to sleep very well since she knew that she had to sleep for Santa to come. 

Here is what our Christmas tree looked like on Christmas Eve!
Here are the gifts that Santa left! He brought a ballapalooza for both kids.  They love it!  We have dance parties to it every night, it is so much fun.
Santa brought James: a gumball machine, race car, tiger and lots of books!
Santa brought Elise: a princess castle, safari animals and some yummy candy!
Here is a picture of the "after math" of Christmas morning.  We spent a long time opening presents and playing with all our new toys.  We were all very spoiled!
Zack and I were good kids this year too so Santa didn't forget us!  Zack got lots of great new clothes, cologne, Cranium and his big gift is Skydiving!  He will use it sometimes this summer when it isn't -14 outside! I was very lucky and got lots of fun little things!  I got a scarf, new boots, a Mindy Gledhill CD, a rice cook and a laminator too!  I've had so much fun trying out all of my new things!
I walked by Elise's room later that day and "caught" her playing with her castle.  I love to listen to her play when she doesn't know I'm watching.  It's my favorite!
Here is another favorite photo from the day!  Zack reading Elise some of the books Grandma sent to her.
We feel very blessed for all the many things we received.  We missed our families so much but felt lucky to spend the day playing together as our own little family.  I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas as well!


Shantel said...

What a nice Christmas. You guys definitely deserve it!

emily said...

looks great!