Thursday, April 26, 2012

On my Camera...

I often take pictures of Elise that are of one single event and never get around to posting them, but I thought I'd lump them all together today in one random post!!  These were all taken within the past month, and a just a few things we do around here to keep our little one busy!

I took this picture one morning while I was taking photos of a craft project.  This is Elise's face when she is so excited/angry about me having the camera out but not giving it to her! 
Last Friday when Zack got home I had a treat on his pillow that said, "Donut feel good to be test free?" He had been studying or taking tests so he hadn't been around very much and we were really excited he would get to relax a little bit.  As you can see, Elise really wanted a donut too!
So of course, we let her!!  We stripped her down first since we didn't want chocolate drool all over her clothes but she first started to pick off all of the sprinkles!!  Silly girl! And look at the cute belly!  I love it so much :)
I bought some shaving cream and added some green food coloring to it and plopped a big handful of it on Elise's tray.  She liked to squish it around in her hands and of course tried to eat it (learned her lesson the hard way that it does not taste good) but had a fun time!  A bath immediately followed!
Last Saturday we took a family trip to the library.  Zack hadn't ever been inside before so when we went inside we were all excited to see that the story room was open!  Elise liked to run around and explore!  Here she is sandwiched between two books!  It really is a neat room!

And that's our life in pictures from the past few weeks!


Elizabeth said...

You are such a fun mom!

Shantel said...

Cute pics! I love the giant books at the library.

emily said...

great cameo shots! i love them.

Niederfam said...

Way fun mom!!! Can I live at your house??? Will you take me and my kids to do fun things, find sweet bargains at Goodwill, and cook delicious food for us too?! Pretty please. ;)