Friday, April 13, 2012

Five on Friday

The last time I blogged it was under the same heading-oops!! I meant to have at least one other post in between but I guess I'll have to try better next week!

1- This week I finished reading the book, Open, an autobiography of Andre Agassi.  I really really liked it!  I don't know much about tennis but it is one of Zack's favorite sports so since we started dating I have started to watch more and more of it.  I really liked reading about all the hard work and dedication it took to become such a great player!  I would definitely recommend this book however it does use strong language quite a bit (only when he is upset about losing games and injuries, etc) so if that will offend you best to keep this one on the shelf!

2- Tonight Elise and I are heading to a giant dinner party downtown to go to a Fish Fry!  A fish fry is a Wisconsin tradition that we have yet to participate in and we are excited :)People say fish and fry go together in Wisconsin like peanut butter and jelly!  Who doesn't love things that are fried?  I'll let you know if I was brave enough to try the fish or if I'd rather wimp out and have a burger!

3- I lucked out and was able to find some play cookware at Goodwill.  I know, it sounds like I go there all the time (and it's true)!  It is basically next door to Target so anytime I'm at Target I usually hop in to find something I've had my mind on.  With the completion of the play kitchen I've had my eye out for some pots and pans and food for Elise to use in the play kitchen!  There were some awesome things in the grab bag of kitchen toys including a pretend George Foreman grill, blender, hand mixer and lots of pots and pans!  I was so excited :)

4- Zack was able to finalize his summer plans and is officially going to PERU!  He is going to be in the small village of Yantalo.  He will be participating in their volunteer program and will even be living with a local family during his stay; you can learn more about it here.  He will be there for about a month! He is so excited to go! 

5- With Zack being in Peru for a month that means I get to be back in Utah!!!  After his month in Peru, Zack also wants some Utah/family times so looks like I'll be getting in a lot of Utah time this summer.  I am so excited to be in my favorite place for such a long time!


Jewls said...

That is the cutest little kitchen! If we ever have a girl I am totally copying this idea! :)

Shauna said...

Love the kitchen stuff! And love that you are going to be in Utah for so long this summer!

Elizabeth said...

Yay! So excited we'll get to see lots of you guys!

Holly Petty said...

That kitchen is a great idea! I am tempted to make one. Hmmm...I might be calling you for tips.