Friday, April 6, 2012

Five on Friday

Heck, everyone else was doing it (Shauna, Rachel) I thought I'd hop on the bandwagon!  It's a fun way to end a week in blogland. 

1- Zack and I have been watching Burn Notice notice these past few weeks and we are almost caught up.  We have LOVED this show and now are on the hunt for another one.  We'd like our next show to be one that has a few seasons (at least 4) under it's belt before we jump in.  Any ideas?

2- Did I tell everyone that our car was found again?!  This is so exciting I should have put it as #1 but I'm too lazy to change it now.  Ready for the crazy story?  Here goes:  Monday Zack as at school talking to his mom on the phone.  He was standing towards the front of the med school looking out the windows that look out to the parking lot and neighborhoods behind that.  From all the way inside he thought he spotted our car in the neighborhood that backs up to the med school parking lot.  He thought he might as well check it out since he didn't have anything to lose.  Sure enough, it was our car!!  He grabbed out his keys and drove that baby home!  Even better news- nothing was stolen!  Car works great, GPS was still there, both car's a miracle!

3- Google goggles.  Try saying that five times fast!!!  Don't know what I'm talking about?  Go ahead and check out the article about it here.  Do you think you would wear them?  I told Zack that I would feel a little bit like LeVar Burton from Star Trek if I wore them.  But I guess only time will tell!

4- I made Beef Enchilada Bake for dinner tonight, recipe found here.  It was simple, quick and tasted fine.  Wasn't delicious, wasn't bad. If you need a recipe idea for dinner this wouldn't be bad to try.

5- Tabbed browsing.  I hope and pray that you use tabs, not seperate windows.  Do you have a specific tab line-up that you use?  Here's mine (in order from left to right) gmail, google reader, facebook, pinterest, deseret news.  If it isn't like that it bugs me.  Of course thoughout the day there are other websites that I open and look at and those all go to the right side.  I guess that is a little OCD but it's what I do! 
A picture just for fun, because posts are more fun!  This is in 2009 at the Water Cube in Beijing.  I'm SO excited for the summer Olympics!!  Only months away :)


brynne frei said...

okay wowowowo i didn't know your car was stolen and what! he drove it home! that was the best news of the whole year. happiest friday!!

erinmalia said...

2. so strange and funny about the car. i do love how zack just got in it and drove it home. awesome.

5. i LOVED this. don't know why. but here's mine: gmail, reader, pinterest, then facebook. that's it. but like you, it totally bugs if they're out of order. but i don't usually leave FB open. awesome. oh yes, of course tabs!

Nicole said...

Ok so to be honest, all of us here in this house secretly think that Zack drove it to the school and forgot. Don't tell him we said that!! We just think it's too funny and strange all at the same time!!

Yes, I use tabs. My bookmarks are currently: Mama's Boy (pattern), HHS contact list, Swagbucks, Princess hair, adopt a do, freebies 2 deals, preschool, library, macu, google, pendleton fam, yahoo, pinterest. Phew. That's a lot, I know. But I erase mine from time to time. Not as ocd as you! ha ha, teasing.