Thursday, October 1, 2009

.thanks kid.

Right now is the awkward time in class when the MAJORITY of my students are finished with their project.  So, to keep all the students on the 'same page' before we move onto the next thing, I have them help me out by cleaning and organizing our class room.  My SOS class (students offering service) has been making knitted loom hats using the round looms.  I had just been throwing them in the closet and they weren't organized at all.  So, today I asked one of my students to do this.  He certainly took this project to heart and he did a great job!  Check out his tower of looms!  He was so proud, it was his idea to take this picture. This thing was taller than I was!  I'm pretty sure I can't post pictures of my students so I had to take one just of the tower. So, here it is.  Enjoy!!


Nicole Lee said...

Thank you so much for not posting pics of your student. It drives me crazy when I see everyone doing that on facebook!

I hope school is going great! I'm sure they just love you:)

Niederfam said...

Nice, and good call about NOT posting pictures of your students, although I did......Ops. No names though :)