Friday, October 9, 2009

Japan Nagoya Misson

Conference time means mission reunion time!  Zack's mission reunion was the Thursday before and it did not disappoint!  It was held here in Provo at the Wilkinson Center Skyroom.  Zack LOVED his mission (as most boys do) and it was fun to see some of the people I have heard about and to meet his mission president.

Zack's mission president is Elder Gary Stevenson.  He is now the General Authority over Asia North (?? Zack correct me if I'm wrong).  He gave us an update of the Nagoya Mission and then also told us of his other travels to China and also to North Korea.

You might remember Elder Stevenson's talk from the April 2009 General Conference.  His talk was "You're never lost when you can see the Temple".   He used a picture of the Logan LDS Temple in this talk and at the reunion he gave each missionary a framed photo of it!  That was so nice and generous of him! 

They had so many pictures of the mission and people they taught up in the room!  It was neat to see all of those things.  They even had the 'Tie Quilt' there.  Before every missionary went home they donated a tie and signed it, and those were put into a quilt.  Here it is!

Here is Zack with his tie!  The one he donated is the bright yellow one with orange stripes!  Don't worry- in Japan bright pink and orange ties were totally ok!  Its Asia..go figure!


Shauna aka Big Chief Rain Dance Phillips said...

Did Zack spell Elder wrong and have to cross it out? I'm peeing!

Mary Pugh said...

Sounds like a fun night! LOVE the tie Zack

Niederfam said...

Nice shirt.....wherever did you find it???? ;)

Chris and Amy Darton said...

What a fun night! You too are so cute together in that top picture :)