Friday, October 9, 2009

Millions of Peaches....Peaches for Me

Monday night Shauna invited me over to can some peaches with her!  I consider myself quite the home maker and crafter but I hadn't ever canned before.  It was fun!  We had a good time and I got 6 jars full of delicious peaches. 

Here we are hard at work- boiling the peaches, peeling and cutting.  We made 4 jars of peach pie filling..which I don't make pies all that often but peach pie filling just sounds so good!  Now I have to use it :)  Then with the rest of the peaches I just canned them in sugar water to enjoy with breakfast later! 


Chris and Amy Darton said...

mmmmm yum....Ill taste your pie :) I made Strawberry jam for the first time last weekend!

Niederfam said...

oh that sounds soooooooo YUMMMY. Pie and fresh peaches for breakfast.