Monday, October 12, 2009

Can you Canoe?

This Saturday was a busy one for us!  We were invited by one of Zack's former roommates to go on a big group date!  Here it is- 20 people inside a canoe and sail off to Utah Lake.  Sound like fun?!  It was! 

I asked Brian, the boy who set this all up, how he heard of the place and he said he saw it in one of those ad's they give to college kids and though, hmmm....a canoe that holds 20 people?!  How can we not do that?!  So, off we all went! 

Here are some pictures of the event!  We had a great time, thanks B-Spence!

Thanks for peepin' in the back Benjamin!

Zack with the Canoe. He was so happy I made him pose!

Proof that we made it out safe- no decapitation from tree branches we slammed into!


Mary Pugh said...

That sounds so fun! A 20 person canoe...only in Provo!

Niederfam said...

I had NO idea you did that!!! AWESOME.