Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Water Skiing!

My Uncle Randy was nice enough to offer to take us all water skiing at Pine View reservoir.  Elise had never done anything like this but being the dare devil that she is- I knew she would love it! We all had so much fun.  We were able to go with a lot of my family.  My mom was nice enough to offer to stay home and watch James. 
These girls had so much fun getting to ride and cheer each other on!
Here is Elise on the EZ-Ski.  It is like a tube with slots where you should stand and it helps train you how to water ski.  It was PERFECT for all the girls to learn on .  Elise was so brave and excited to give it a try!  She laughed and smiled the whole time and never sat down once.  We are so proud of her!
Even after getting thrown on the tube she still had fun!
Thanks again for taking us Randy!  We had so much fun and lucked out with a gorgeous day and an almost empty lake!

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