Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Elise's My Little Pony Party!

While we were in Utah this summer I decided to throw a half birthday party for Elise. Poor girl gets the short end of the stick having a birthday 4 days after Christmas and no cousins near by to play with.  Everyone loves a party, right?!  Well Elise loved it and I think all of her cousins did too! 
We started things off by playing horseshoes- every pony needs some right?!
We also played pin the tail on the donkey AKA pin the cutie mark on the pony.  Elise was able to put it exactly where it belongs.  I wonder how that happened! ;)
Presents were involved, of course.  

And what birthday would be complete without cake and ice cream?!
I made pink lemonade cupcakes with a lemon frosting that tasted pretty great!
All of our adorable party goers!!  
From R to L- Molly, Ali, Elise, Shay, Emery and Lexie

Thanks everyone for indulging me in a half birthday and to Nicole for hosting!  We had a blast!

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