Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pioneer Day!

July 24th marks the day that the pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley and it is a state holiday!  It's always a lot of fun and I was glad we were able to be there to celebrate!
Elise with her balloon elephant!
The South Town Expo Center always has a "Float Preview Party" the few days before the 24th and it's a lot of fun!  It's always free and you can go and look around all all the floats that will be in the parade.  There are always a lot of other fun activities to do as well.
The highlight for Elise was getting a dolphin painted on here face.  She name it Perla, of course.  I let it stay  on her face for a few days.  Who was I to get rid of Perla?!
 My pretty little Lise!
That night we tagged along with my Dad's YSA stake and got to go to a Bee's game.  We enjoyed some free hot dogs and lasted until about the 4th inning.  Perfect game for a 3 year old.
Everything is more fun when Grandpa is there!
My parents home ward always does a primary parade and potluck dinner near Pioneer day as well.  The kids had a lot of fun decorating our wagon and getting to wave at all the parade goers!  
To celebrate on the real holiday my family had a BBQ.  I planned the menu and my Mom was nice enough to comply.
Yum!! Some of my favorite foods!  My Mom's potato salad is the best there is!
Elise had fun eating with her cousins at the kid table!
It was a hot summer day so to cool thing off I let them play in the pool for a little while!

We had a wonderful Pioneer Day!

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