Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Lake Tahoe

We were very spoiled on our trip back to Utah this summer.  We pretty much had non stop fun and our Galbraith family trip to Lake Tahoe was no exception! 
The resort we stayed at was a lot of fun!  There were several swimming pools and hot tubs and the cousins had a blast playing pool games together for hours! They also had a free kids club to sign up for and Elise went a few days and had fun making arts and crafts and playing with other kids.  Another cool thing they had was a movie theater.  It usually played a disney movie in the afternoon for the kids (perfect for us to get dinner ready!).

 We went down to Heavenly Village on night and had fun exploring the shops and surroundings.

One day we drove over to Emerald Bay.  It was  a mile hike each way, but well worth it!  It was a gorgeous beach and we had fun with kayaks and paddle boards.
 All the Galbraith cousins!
 James and Romy sharing some sand covered goldfish!
 Paddle boarding was so much fun!!
 This little boy LOVES water!!  You had to watch him every second or he would go running in (giggling, of course).
On our hike back up I had James in the baby bjorn.  He was awake for 3/4th of the hike back up but suddenly I looked down and he was out cold!  Our day at the lake must have tired him out!!  
 There were a lot of beautiful hiking trails near our hotel so one morning we took a short (very short) hike nearby with the whole family.
It was a fun morning and afterward we all went out to breakfast!  It was a short hike, but Elise enjoyed it for the most part.  We need to be better at taking her out for things like this!
 One of our last days we went to a near by beach and had fun building sandcastles with our cousins.
 My sweet baby James.
I love this picture of my boy!
Me and my cute mom grabbing some yummy treats from the farmers market!
 It was a long drive home for the kids but this little girl was a trooper!!  She was this happy and content the whole time. 
 I can't say the same about this one....but he wasn't too bad.  And you take one look at this angel face and forget all about it.  

Thanks Mom and Dad for taking all of us!  We had so much fun!

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looks so fun - what fun memories.