Friday, October 24, 2014

Cedarburg Creek Farm 2014

We had such a great time last year at Cedarburg Creek Farm, we decided to go again! We took the scenic drive there and I'm so glad we did.  We so so many beautiful colors and passed through many farms and pretty barns.
The first thing Elise saw when we arrived were the pony rides.  We knew we wouldn't be able to leave without her having a ride, so she got what she wanted.  
They have a fun petting zoo and both of the kids loved petting them and feeding them.  They would giggle and laugh as the animals licked them.
Our friend Emily and her little boy, Sam, were able to join us!  It's always so fun to watch these two boys hang out together. They are so cute!
We took a fun hayride around the farm.  James was fascinated with all of the hay and Elise loved looking at all the pumpkins and the spooky things hiding in the trees for the haunted hayride they have after dark.  I sure love this little family of mine!
 They had a bunch of different bounce houses, hay bale maze, and other activities.  We told Elise she could choose two.  There was no shortage of fun here!
We finished off the day with a barrel ride! 


erinmalia said...

is her hair in a sock bun?! that is too cute.

emily said...

so fun! your kids are adorable - and getting so big. :)