Sunday, November 25, 2012


This year we kept things small. We stayed right here in Milwaukee and didn't even need to get in the car to get to dinner :)  We decided to get together with our friends, the Rogersons.  They live in the building next door.  Katie's husband Colin is an M3 and they have two cute little girls.  Katie and I planned out the menu a week in advance, and mmmmm it was delicious! 

This was the first time I was ever in charge of making so many Thanksgiving dishes!  Since being married I have brought a dish here and there but this year I was in charge of a lot- it was a fun task to tackle! 

One thing I was in charge of were the rolls.  I used my mom's recipe since it is my favorite!  She only makes these for our family a few times a year so I knew that I had to make them!  They turned out great and I think I made her proud!
I also made an apple pie.  I cheated a little on this- I used a store bought pie crust but I did all the filling myself!  I think it was delicious even thought I didn't make the whole thing from scratch! 

Here is the rest of the spread all laid out and ready to eat!  I was also in charge of the green bean casserole, pretzel jello and a veggie tray.  Colin and Katie made a delicious turkey and I'm glad that they took charge of that! 

We started dinner at 3:30 and Katie had her table set beautifully!  We put the girls in the other room at a kid table and we got to enjoy our meal!  We had a great time :)  The girls had a lot of fun playing with each other and we even got them distracted long enough to squeeze in a game or two to play! 
We have a looong list of so many things to be thankful for!  I'll spare you the long list but know what we are incredibly grateful for the wonderful lives we lead, for family, for the Gospel and many many more blessing that we have. 


emily said...

looks so great! yummy fun!

Shantel said...

I'm impressed with your cooking skills. As of yet i've always just made something to contribute, but this year I didn't do anything. I just showed up. Points to you for doing so much, it loked great!