Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Five

It's been a while since I've done a Friday post!  I feel like we haven't had much going on to talk about.  I guess today we still don't, but I'm going to give it a whirl anyway!

-As of Monday of this week, I'm 14 weeks pregnant! Which means I am in my second trimester now.  Hooray!  I've been feeling great and never even got sick!  Things are good :)

- Elise has decided she would rather be a cat.  You can often hear her say, "Meow Meow" when she is upset or happy about something.  The best is when she'll wake up at 3am  from a dream and instead of crying we get meowing. It is hilarious!

-Saturday morning we have a Relief Society activity for our Church!  I am on the committee that helped plan it and it will be a lot of fun!  It is a Christmas craft activity.  We are making ornaments, banners, cards/tags and some yummy cookie mixes in a jar.  I'm also making some delicious wassail to bring :)

-Thanks to our Netflix account, we/I've been getting sucked into a few new TV shows.  On my own I've been watching the show Felicity.  I've been enjoying it and Zack has been judging me for it.  Together we have started to watch the show Firefly.  It's only 14 episodes but we like it so far!

-Sunday night Zack said to me, "Well it was nice while it lasted.  See you Dec. 14th."  He has already been busy and studying hard for his finals week!  This week hasn't been too bad but I know next week will be worse!  In other Zack news he registered this week for Step 1 of the BOARD exams.  Kinda crucial and important for becoming a doctor. Scary and exciting all at the same time!


Shantel said...

*sigh* I love Netflix. Good luck with Zack being gone so much and good luck with your Saturday activity!

Daniel and Jenn (but mostly Jenn) said...

Daniel's totally in the same boat, let's hang out while the boys study!

brynne frei said...

i just realized i never told you congratulations! hooray for baby number two!! happy to hear you've been feeling well xoxo

Alyssa Jacobs said...

When does Zack take Step 1? I think Corbin's going to take it in June. It'll be a RELIEF when it is over ;)

Niederfam said...

Love Zack's comment about it was NICE while it lasted!

Oh fun RS......I love projects that I can easily make and take! I hope those are the kinds you are doing. ;)

Hooray for 14 weeks........Making progress......and LUCKY you that you feel great!

I don't know about Felicity or Firefly, I guess I really AM OLD!