Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Liberty Park Splash Pad!

I have lived in Utah for 20 years and will be leaving in 2 weeks and until today I had never been to Liberty Park!  I am now realizing what a tragedy that is because it is such a beautiful park with so many things to do!  This morning I was watching Studio 5 and they were talking about the best free splash pads in the state so I called up my sister Nicole to see if they wanted to make a day of it!  We decided to have a picnic in the park and let the girls play!  We had a blast! 
Me with the girls at our picnic!
This is what the splash pad looks like!  The girls were afraid still and Elise is too little so we didn't spend too much time in it, but it was fun to pass by it and cool off in the water!
They have about 3 different playgrounds surrounding the splash pad in the middle and here is one of them! I love Elise in her cute little purple hat!  Somewhere my Grandma Watkins is smiling knowing that my baby is in a hat :)
One section of the play ground had all sorts of these metal pipes that you can use to make music on!  Elise was pretty entertained watching me play them I even let her have the wand to hit it but she decided it was better used in her mouth, so we stopped that game.
Here's my favorite girl hanging out in the shade! Love her!  It was a really fun afternoon!  If you haven't been to Liberty Park- go!  It was a great and free way to spend an afternoon!

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emily said...

that totally looks like fun! so glad you *finally* went. :)

elise is growing up so fast and so adorably. :)