Monday, July 11, 2011

Goodbye Vicky!

My car, Vicky, was sold last Friday!  Zack has been bugging me to sell it for months now and out of boredom more than anything I put it up on classifieds thinking it wouldn't sell for at least 30 days.  I looked at other similar listings and I saw that they had been posted for about 23 days so I thought I had time.  Luckily 5 minutes after I posted the ad I got a phone call on it. I met the person that night, they test drove it and liked it.  The next day they called telling me they wanted to purchase the car!  It truly was a blessing being able to sell it so quickly.  It also was a blessing for the price we sold it for!  We got at least $400 dollars more than I thought we would :)  Definitely a bonus!
Vicky was first my Grandpa Galbraith's car. I have a memory of him and my Grandma coming over to our house to show it off right after they bough it in 1994!  I would have been 11 years old!  I thought it was so cool how the speedometer would digitally show you the speed and I loved that there was an extra seat up front!  Little did I know that this little beauty would be mine a few years later!  I was lucky enough to inherit it for free from my Grandpa.  He decided he probably wasn't safe behind the wheel anymore and so he offered it to his grandchildren first.  I am the youngest grandchild on that side of the family and most all of our other cousins were established and had cars of their own so I got it! Pretty sweet deal!
It is a Ford Crown Victoria, so because of that I nicknamed her Vicky for short!  You certainly were a 'grandpa car' in every way, but you were great to me while you lasted!  Be good to your new owner!

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