Friday, July 22, 2011

The Hogle Zoo

We decided to be spontaneous today and go to the Hogle Zoo.  For some reason having a child makes us feel like we need to do kid-oriented things even though our kid gets nothing out of it.  Maybe it is just my excuse to do things that should only be acceptable for a child.  Either way- it was fun!
Me and Elise in the 'classic' Hogle Zoo picture
David and Rachel were kind enough to come with us and even let us borrow a coupon for it!  Here are Rachel and I in front of the elephants. They also have a baby elephant too!
The family with the Giraffes!
Here is the Tiger taking a nap!
Elise with the Gorilla.  Clearly she was more entertained with her toy than the Gorilla.  He seemed to like her though- he just stared away at her!  So funny!

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Melissa said...

I haven't been to the Zoo forever. I know Conner would love it. I think I will wait till it cools of though. There is nothing like the smell of hot animal poop! =0) I am glad you had fun doing something kid friendly. It was so fun to see you again before you leave! Best of luck on your move and new adventures!!