Monday, July 11, 2011

First Haircut!

Yes, there have been a lot of "first" for this little girl!  Bear with us :)  Elise was lucky to have been born with quite a bit of hair- and for the most part it didn't totally fall out!  She always had this little patch of hair at the bottom of her head that is long and much darker than the rest of her hair! We decided to let Grandma Pugh cut it ever so slightly to even it off and make it look a lot less like a mullet.  She's cute no matter what it looks like though! 
Here is the "before" picture.  A little dark and a bit unruly.  It also grows to the left.
"What is going on guys? Hold still?  No way!!"
Love her eyes in this one!! She is darling!
The final result!  A bit straighter :) Thanks Grandma!

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