Monday, November 16, 2009

Zachary John

It has been 8 years since I saw you walk through the halls of school and we became great friends.  I love all the memories we have shared over time:

-Your house or mine, the party was always at one or another
-The kids at Gateway fountains
-Your possessed TV
-Cookie Nights
-Union 1st Ward girls
-"is Zack going?"
-Asian Fest
-Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing
-Most letters in the mission
-"Me and two fatties"
-Brother John
-Best First Kiss
-Movie nights, The Bourne Trilogy esp.
-Finishing each other sentences

I love that you were my friend, and now my best friend. I love waking up every morning in your arms (or, lets be honest, back to back) knowing that I always have you to rely on!  Happy Birthday babe!  I think you are amazing! Last year at this time, I was driving back and forth every weekend 128 miles.  It was worth every mile and I am so happy to finally share a home with you.


Shantel Elise said...

Cute em. Happy Birthday Zach!

Jewls said... sweet :)