Tuesday, November 10, 2009

twenty four

Zack turns the big 2-4 this Saturday.  I LOVE birthdays and finding fun ways to surprise people!!  We celebrated the first of his parties on Sunday with my family.  There are many fall birthdays in the Galbraith Clan, so we also got to celebrate with Natalie and Ryan.  Here are some shots of the night!

Here are the birthday kids!  Zack, Nat, and Ryan

Just enjoying some birthday cheesecake!  Yum!

My brother Ryan gave Zack some disc golf frisbees so he can work on his game and all the guys can play together.  Ryan is trying to recruit everyone he knows!  But at least he gives them the equipment! Nice strategy bro :)

The big reveal!!!
Zack is a FANTASTIC pianist.  I feel so bad that he has nowhere to practice his talent so this year I gave him a keyboard!  I had been looking for one since Sept. and was dying to tell him about it. I am so glad he finally has it and I don't have to keep a secret anymore!  As you can tell he was VERY surprised and had NO IDEA- best way to surprise!  Anyway, it is a Yamaha and has 76 keys! He broke it on on Sunday night and he sounds great!  Happy Birthday Babe- I love you!

More to come on his Birthday palooza!  Stay tuned!

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Chad and Lacy Johnson said...

I love surprisng people!! So much fun! And I forgot Zack's birthday was in November.... Happy Birthday Zack (early)!